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Family Matters

Sunday was a good day. Why? Honestly, not totally sure. It started out as a serious bummer, driving to my parent’s house in the morning, cloudy skies, drizzling rain, and if I’m being totally honest, a completely insane (and I mean this in a …

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Surviving a Bike Fit

A bike fit: the only time where someone can tell you that you have mismatched legs, weird feet, too broad shoulders, and a weird head (ok, that one was when I was looking at helmets), and you still say thank you at the end.  …

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Survival of the Fittest

This week has been… interesting thus far.  And crazy-busy! In my non-caffeinated non-sugar-high state, it’s been sort of tough.  But I haven’t been quite as grumpy as I expected to be!  I’m into Day 3, and I swear I can already see and feel …

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Nutrition Overhaul: Part 1

I have a confession: I’m addicted to Mountain Dew. I don’t mean that in a hyperbolizing way, I mean it in an “I get weepy if I haven’t had my daily 2 cans and there isn’t any in the house.”  I’ve been known to …

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Xterra Antics

Today, I did my first Xterra triathlon.  Top thing I have learned: mountain bike races are not the same as cyclocross.  For one thing, when I started to dismount to hop over a log, I got yelled at by the guys behind me, which …

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A Brief History of (My) World

When I realized I was getting to work at my dream job (editor for Cyclocross Magazine) and that I’d be writing a weekly column, my brain almost shorted with the amount of ideas I had for it.  After a lot of thought though, I …

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