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Sea Otter 2013 Photo Round-Up

Now that the dust has died down, we’re going through our massive memory cards full of photos of some of the goodies we spotted at Sea Otter but didn’t have time to post while we were there. Read and see it here!

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Xterra West Championships: Race Report

And then, the cannon went off. Yikes. If you read that last post, you know I hit the water slightly distracted. “When can I call my friend Robbie and tell him I met Nick Diaz!!” And then, “Oh, right. I need to swim. Focus. …

From Vegas to Prescott, in Photos

Three weeks, three main places: Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Xterra West Championships; then San Francisco for some hangouts and then Monterey, California, for the Sea Otter Classic, and then a stop in Los Angeles before heading to Prescott, Arizona, for the Whiskey 50 …

Whiskey 50 and the Best Photo

More coming on Cyclocross Magazine, but had to share the finish line photo I shot, and the first interview Geoff Kabush did post-race (with me!). Watch the video here.

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