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8 Running Myths You Can Forget

May 22, 2017

8 Running Myths You Can Forget

I loved the genius coaches I spoke with and getting to bust through some of these INSANE running myths that people still subscribe to (hellooooo, “I don’t have a runner’s body.”) It’s a really good read (if I do say so myself) to bust you out of your running rut, whether you haven’t started yet, or you’ve been running for years and are feeling plateaued. Check it over at MapMyRun.com:

8 Running Myths You Can Forget


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  1. Ed Zausch

    You deserve a break so copying their very "on the surface" article is cool.

    • Actually, I wrote the article for them! I often link to articles that I've written that I particularly enjoyed, sorry if that wasn't clear.

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